- May 2017 -


Giving to users a simple way to book cinema tickets, check what’s on and what's coming soon at  their local Vue cinema



Vue cinema had the ambition to transform the experience of going to the cinema and challenged the digital transformation agency TH_NK with developing the company's user experience across all platforms.

When I joined Th_nk in Sep 2016, the design team had already worked on the project for a few months. We had just launched the Vue website and were preparing to launch the iOS app.


I was in charge of developing a few additional features for the app, identifying any pain points and potential improvements.

I conducted light-weight user testing sessions using a high-fidelity prototype built by the visual designer. Our objective was to validate the key functionalities of the app, as well as confirming a few interactions.


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We invited 8 people with a broad range of cinema habits. I set a test framework and conducted the sessions over 2 days using the following process:

1/ Intro: Explain how the session works, what we will go through and how are we recording their experience using the software Morae.

2/ Warm-up Questions: Understand the participants’ general use of technology as well as their cinema habits.   

3/ Tasks: Record how the participants interact with our prototype and complete the requested tasks in direct relation with our design objectives. 

4/ Contextual Questions: Ask a set of contextual questions to collect additional insights about each sections of the app.

5/ Follow up Questions: At the end of the test, ask a set of questions to collect their first impressions on the main functionalities and visual aspect of the interface.


Key Sections Tested

Ahead of the user testing session, we set key objectives, planned supporting tasks and contextual questions for each of these following sections:



Results / Confirmation

We summarised the results to highlight the common issues candidates came across and also to validate things we did right.

We had a positive overall response from the participants about both the functionality, and look and feel. The test allowed us to confirm the design of the following sections:

  1. First use
  2. Booking
  3. My Tickets
  4. Quickbook
  5. What’s On / Showing Time
  6. What’s On / Details Page 
  7. What’s On / Change Cinema 

Results / Potential Improvements

On the other hand we learned we needed to focus our efforts on: 

  1. Facilitating the access to the coming soon movies.
  2. Refining the filter for people searching for special screenings.

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