CNN Style

- Jun 2015 -


A redesign of CNN Style, an inspirational coverage of the worlds of arts, fashion, architecture, design and more



I joined the CNN team in London to redesign ‘CNN Style’ , a section of the website dedicated to arts, fashion, architecture, design. As a contractor I worked for 8 weeks alongside the creative director and front-end developer. 


The overarching objective for the project was to modernise CNN Style, making it a visual-first experience and introducing a new brand identity. This would help to distinguish it from the main CNN news site.

By bringing powerful images to the forefront, we helped to reveal the immersive nature of the articles themselves. 



Information Architecture 

We worked on a fairly simple IA: 

  1. The Style homepage showcasing the featured and latest articles of all topics.
  2. A category page hosting the relevant articles from that topic.
  3. An article page





From a UX point of view, our high-level goals were to : 

  1. Design a system of modules and templates that are highly responsive with 4 break points.
  2. Establish a simple and elegant navigation structure across desktop and mobile.
  3. Integrate hero advertisements on article pages that do not disrupt the reading experience. 
  4. Create a direct way back to the style homepage and main CNN site on every page.



Cnn style RD.png

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